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Dragonflies and Damselflies of the Australian Top End

Dragonflies and the Dry
Photographic Competition and Citizen Science Project

We're running a photo competition and citizen science project to help us understand how dragonfly numbers change from the Wet to the Dry.

There's a prize for the best photo, and also a random draw so enter as many photos as you like.

You can use the free Identifly dragonfly guidebook app to identify which species you've photographed.

For more information on why we're runnning this competion, read the announcement here.


We will be awarding two prizes each month from April to July:

You may enter as many times as you wish, as long as each entry is a different photo.

Entry Form

This is just to help us better understand who is entering the competition, we won't share it with anyone.
Attach one photo file.

It is important to tell us the date and the location of your photo. This information will help us understand how dragonfly numbers change from the Wet to the Dry. It will also tell us where Darwin's most important dragonfly locations are.

When was this photo taken?
Where was this photo taken?
You can identify the dragonfly or damselfly in the photo using the Identifly app, or leave it up to us.
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The Identifly app allows you to identify species of dragonflies and damselflies by colour. The app includes photos and descriptions of distinguishing features to help you tell species apart.

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